Educational Requirements of Park Ranger

Are you interested in becoming a park ranger? If so then you should be aware of the educational requirements for park rangers. Official park rangers typically are required to have a Bachelor of Science Degree. That could be in one of the various fields, including Botany, Forestry, Geology, and so on.


This is an important issue to make sure that you’re qualified to work as an official Park Ranger. You can find work in a smaller role as a park ranger, but it means you’ll get a lower salary and fewer benefits. That could be a major drawback if you’re interested in getting the full compensation package of a full-time official park ranger.

It’s also an important issue if you’re currently a student. You might want to select a major that would qualify you for many park ranger jobs. The work of a park ranger can be very rewarding. It’s important to take some time to determine if it’s the kind of work you want to do then it’s important to make sure you have the educational requirements.

You also have the option to choose among different types of academic fields that would qualify you for being a park ranger. That’s also a plus since you could study a particular field that you’re interested in, and which would allow you to work as a park ranger.

What’s most important is to do some research about the current trends for park ranger jobs. It might be common for a certain college major to be more marketable now for working as a park ranger.